Bamboo correction

In one of my earlier posts I brought up the subject of planting bamboo here to help the re-forestation process. Well it has been active now for a little while.

The Taiwanese Government had brought in some of their farmers of the fast growing grass and started plantations here in Haiti.  Maybe I had read such an article in the past and it was not my idea at all. We do tend to store more from reading then we think or give ourselves credit for.

That done, anther couple adventures these past couple of days. After a week here the Travelers delight hit me. Diarrhea man! Took a “Opera” pill and resigning myself to bread and water.

Last evening, actually the whole day we did not have electricity. He has an inverter which stores power in some batteries but with many people staying at the house they had drained quite quickly.

Many new faces while other quick friendships leave. Many Americans doing work with orphans from all over that country. Others on official business with Government representatives.

Great people here at Estinfil Guesthouse. No doors locked, everyone friendly.

Networking, now I am getting the feel of what it is, comprises. My first link here, a young lady had a neighbour join us who happened to work at a radio station here in PAP. A gent from India was researching Haitian music is also at the house. I introduced them to each other which helped him tremendously in his research. The day after I met another Musician/artist through another real nice lady I met on line. So here I am little old me here without any real purpose or definite plans ending up being a important link for someone else’s research/work.

Have never done that back home.

There is some type of re-cycling program here. All the thrown about empty plastic soda and juice bottles are picked up and sold per pound as per the different type of plastic. Saw and spoke to two of them within a hour of each other. The second still found plenty of containers missed by the first. So my distaste for trash thrown about actually gives earns some pocket/food money to other. Just like back home, cigarette packaging, empty Tim Horton coffee cups, pop bottles employs city employees. At a much higher rate of course.

The topic of those little water pouches has come up before by the civic authorities but nothing has come of it. Worse still are the Styrofoam containers that do not break down. They tried to outlaw them but failed the last time. Maybe soon.

It is the burning of plastics, paper and cardboard that is the worse. Next door to this location twice or more a week they burn everything. The black poisonous fumes blow right into our abode, living and sleeping quarters. That acute toxic smell of plastic lingers for a long time. Yesterdays toast I still notice.


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