Tiens, finalement arriver a Port-au-Prince, Delmas.
Finally arrived at PAP, Delmas.
Airport experience; been a long time since I travelled abroad. Obtainng my boarding pass at four AM I forgot my credit card in the machine. Realized about 25 feet latter. The next people were starting to use the machine. Then I lined up without getting my bag weighed making myselg re-line to the one of the gates. Nervous and lack of sleep.

A l’aeoroport j’avais oublier ma carte de credit dans la machine pour ma passe d’embarquement. J’ai realiser tres vite, environ 25 pieds plus loin/tard. Apres cela je n’ai pas peser ma valise. Il fallait que je me remet en ligne. J’etait nerveux et fatiguer.

The first leg of the flight was 34 minutes early in New York. Plenty of time to see the AA airport. We all had two seats to ourselves. 50% capacity. Seems like a waste of energy to me. The PAP flight was filled to the rim. Not a seat available.

La premiere avion avait beaucoup de place. On avait tous deux siege. 50% de capacity, a peut pres. il me semble un vrai gaspille d’eseence/energie. L’avion est arriver 34 minutes tot. Beaucoup de temps a explorer l’aeroport AA a New York. La deuxieme avion, un des plus gros n’avait pas un siege de libre.

At the PAP airport I got swamped with willing cabbies. I had pre-arranged a pick up already. He was outside of the building as only those “licenced” were allowed inside the tiny terminal lobby. Estinfil Guesthouse was not too far and is very comfortble. Excellent service, great staff. May stay here for the first week.

A l’aeroport PAP il y avait beaucoup de conducteur de taxi pour me servir. J’avais deja fait des arrangements avec la maison Estinfil. La maison est situer tous pres de l’aeroport. Tres confortable propre, et les gens, proprietaire et employer, tout tres aimable.

It was Sunday and I took a walk in the hood. Wow what an eye opener! Roosters, chickens, goats(tied up on patches of grass), dogs and pigs roam around freely. No need for composters as the animals are fed any leftovers.

C’etait Dimanche etj’ai pris une marche dans le environs. Quel surprise et difference. Il y a des chiens, coqs, poules, cochons, et chevres (attacher sur des petite iles d’herbe) dans les rues. Ont na pas de composte car les animaux mangent tout les surplus. Les pauvres eux, ne jettent rien.

My first meal here was over-flowing, ie big plate full. I mentionned to them to make me half portions next time. Not here to gain weight! Others outside the tall concret bloc fenced house have very little. Mind you it does not always look that way considering the size of some.

Mon premier repas ici bondissait de manger. Plus que je mange chez moi. Je les ait demander de me faire des demi portions pour mes autres repas. Je ne suis pas ici pur metre du poids. Il y en as hors de ces grand murs de cloture qui en a pas beaucoup de manger. Il faut remarquer qu’il y en a que l’apparence indique differament.

No spell check at the moment. It may show!

Had three beers yesterday. First since Xmas. The local beer does not taste too good. May be my last three. It is a scorching sun. Used sun tan lotion on my exposed skin, legs, arms face. I will get burned quickly.

J’ai bues trois biere hier. Les premiere depuis Noel (2012). Elle ne goute pas tres bons. Mes dernieres je crois. Le soleil est tres fort. Je dois mettre la protection/lotions sur mes partie exposer, bras, jambes et visage.

KingGDerome RoiGDerome

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