Imaginary trippin’

Have not yet bought  ticket for Haiti (initially wrote Hawai!) and I am already taking wild mind tangents adventures about the trip.

Went to one of my old “Dating” web sites. Sending messages to 18 to 52 y/o ladies that I need a guide/escort and accommodation while visiting the country. A non-sexual one intent for many reasons.

My intent is to see for myself what is most needed by the people in this battered land. What would help in terms of constructing future cities without the personal vehicle amongst other things.  Thinking that if my spending a couple of thousand dollars over a month in various locations would help some people?

I’ve always lived a life of “Royalty”. Hot & cold running water, shower every day, electricity never short, heat/AC, transportation, Internet, TV (13 stations [one French]), toilet (toilet paper), food fresh/dried/frozen of all kinds from around the world without breaking the bank along with the industrialized world man created pollutions.

Reading on the NET that the average income there is about $2.00 a day! Would that kind of economy would it not be easy to find any kind of clean escort at a very low price.

Should I hook up with a 23 y/o? Knowing that many there would love to eventually come to Canada. No, I am not looking for a bride but it could happen. The worst that could happen is after two years of living here she (and child/dren if any) would leave me, go on welfare (social assistance). They would then stick me with the sponsorship tab of about $4 thousand per year. At a time when I should be retiring at that!

Good thing about 27 – 55 y/o is that they may have many grand and great-grand-daughters, as well as cousins and nieces running about!

My Canadian/Canada-Post/Funds pensions would go far there would they not?

Should I be looking for single mothers with one two or more pre-teen daughters? More so looking for four thousand children between eight and 14 years-old! My first epqarmy?

How could I advertise this my animal’s side imaginations intent on recruiting 1,000 epqgirls along with each of them’s male protectors, guards for the next 10 years.  Two hundred each of the ages of 9, 10, 11. 12, &, 13.  Each girl will find three boys from their hood. One the same age, one a year younger and the other a year older, (within two days). The three of them will be the epqgirls (epqmodel, epqnun, or epqpolice) protectors of the heart, mind and body. One boy will be chosen because of ones heart, the other his mind and the other body. Mind you that all will shield the girl from all three bombardment.

So looking for 4,000 builders/planners of the future. Boys; 200 eight and fourteen y/o, 400 of each 9 & 13 y/o, and, 600 of each 1, 11, & 12 y/o. One day the girl may choose one of these future men as their groom. But, we all know that love will and should dictate who she choses so this is not set in stone.

It would be the families of the girls that must read my posts on this site. They must understand that even though my Humane intent is not to make love with any of my students my animal side desires differently. No, I would never force anyone to do anything that they are not comfortable doing. One of the seductions of epqanna is to have the girls fall in love with my mind and heart. With those two secured the body can more easily be manipulated guided or coaxed in any direction I please.

Again, if I die a Virgin, then that is the way it will be. If I manage a clean epqcounter with 1,000 students then Project 10 Billion, success will happen. One of my longest animal dream is to be 1,000 girls first man in many but not every way. Not interested in putting my dip stick into her golden sacred slit or exit hole. Then again if when ready and willing I would gladly oblige. 

 Four weeks or 28 days. Spend the first and/or last days in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. Study the landscapes, environments. Some time in the centre of the country (Hinche maybe)? North to Cap-Haitien. Down to Les Cayes and possibly Jacmel.

I have no idea on the transportation/bus schedules, times.

Need someone there now to get prices and draw a travel plan.

Do I rent Hotel rooms with my escort(s) or sleep site contacts houses for fuel and food exchange.

Just because one has money does not mean that there is anything to buy! Some areas only eat mostly beans and rice dishes, I’ve read! That is fine by me. I should lose 20 pounds during my trip. Should eat as much as the locals. Share what I could with the most needy. 

Escort/guide age; 18 – 26 It is hard to decipher people. Many write that they are “catholic” meaning that they keep their knees stuck together until the wedding night. Others do the opposite and open freely. If one is a virgin then she is if not then she is not. No big deal! Things happen for a reason. Spread if clean and you want to! Many lie are are afraid of one of the most natural things things that we have/enjoy, sex and loving each other.

I am not a party type. No longer drink alcohol. Weed is not necessary. Do not go out dancing but would be nice every now and then. When I go to a restaurant I should also treat someone who is hungry,. Other then my escort that is. A homeless child/teen or adult.

Could I buy or rent a bicycle or moped, or two? Do I get medical insurance? Do I carry cash? How are the banks like? What is the currency?

How will my visit help me on the Political front here or around the Globe?

Do I visit Syria next, recruit another 4,000 children soldiers for the future of all life! What of other fractured areas of the world? Do we build the first epqcity on Canadian soils to accommodate 4,000 Bangladesh children and their immediate families! Do I arrange a trip there as well.

Should see how much 4,001 Blackberry Z10 would cost. 4,000 for the children of Haiti, their future leaders. The Canadian Government could pick up one years worth of communications as a gift! They would solicit funds from around the world to help re-build their country. Could RIM afford 4,000 cell phones?



About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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