More than strollers!

Article this morning in the “Toronto Star” questioning whether limits should be put on the number of strollers on public transit.–how-many-strollers-belong-on-a-ttc-bus

I go further to also include, grocery buggies or bags, large handbags, extra-large people, and suitcases. Yes, I did write extra-large people meaning those who take up room of 1 1/2 or two people when sitting or standing.

In one of my earlier blogs which may not be available on here or anywhere I had proposed that transit fares be directly linked to surface area taken and weight.

Some people use public transit to do their food shopping, moving, and carry tools needed for their work.

I myself have been guilty of all of the above except being very large. When my children were very young we did board with a stroller many times. Mind you it was small and foldable!  Did food shopping with a grocery buggy then hoped on a bus and I did move many of my belongings when relocating to another abode. Paying an extra ticket then would have been fair and acceptable to myself.

As the transit systems, here in Toronto anyway, gets more and more crowded these items do cause problems, the worst being safety. Large ppl. not included. Strollers, many shopping bags, including hockey bags/sticks, and food buggies and those using them regularly want to stay close to, and use the front doors. They get in the way of people flow and if ever an accident occurs may cause serious safety issues such as blocking people’s way to an exit.

 I’ve seen perfumed ladies with large handbags use the seat beside them for their bags with an attitude saying, do not sit beside me, my bag has this seat! Others who sit in the middle of the a double seat. Others who use a single seat but place their knees in the aisle instead of in front of themselves because their bag is on the floor. Mind you these issues are different and comes down more to ridership etiquette rather than the above.

As many of us cannot afford a vehicle or taxi, public transit is the way to go.

Tangible solutions or quick fixes like many of our other local and Global more serious problems are not easily found or solved. Limiting the number of strollers may leave the next one out in the cold in the dead of winter. A rush hour, people only policy, may be discriminatory.  Charging extra for parcels is logical.

What is worse than strollers is a parent who can not stop/refrain a child from crying his/her head off in rush hour on a crowded subway and bus.

Those who insist on being on the telephone throughout their entire trip. We do not want to hear your conversation. Turn your phone off on public transit! Etiquette again!


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