126 Bellamy Rd. North Scarborough Ontarioo

I’ll try to download what I have written on my box.

–  This is where I worked very briefly in the month of December 2010. It only lasted three weeks before getting canned (fired). Only the second time in my life this has happened.

I had signed a work agreement or contract with them in late Nov. of the same year.  My services were as Co-Superintendent. Originally I was supposed to be an Assistant Superintendent but that changed when my going to be boss was found doing something not quite right. Not his fault, he was driven to it.

Before I signed I was offered a full-time position with the employ I was at after working six or seven months part-time at the hardware. My full-time offer came the day after I was offered the other contract by “Better Living Homes”. The only ones who seem to be living better were the millionaire’s owner children who ran the operation and management of the buildings.

The agreement was straight forward. I was to do some cleaning, repairs, maintenance and some administration work as others with similar duties. My hours off were indicated as every second evening and every second weekend. That was signed by the daughter of the owner (building manager) and me.

Once hired they re-located the cleaner they had working there 40 hours a week to another building thus downloading those hours on myself and the other Co-Superintendent and his wife.

The building was huge on a large parcel of land. It consisted of a few bachelors, one bedrooms, two and three bedrooms. The size was at least three times that of where I live now, where they have here at 230 Oak St. three full-time staff and contracted out cleaners, a rental agent and painters. We were expected to perform all the work that would take at least five full-time staff.

The duties listed on the contract would take at least fifty-five hours a week by themselves. One of the clauses was for me (us) do other work over and above my regular duties, like getting one or more apartment ready for new tenants.

My agreed upon time off found on the contract was all but gone.

The son or co-manager of the property kept saying that it was not a “nine to five job”. I knew that from the start but it was not an “eight AM to ten PM seven days a week” as he expected me and my co-worker to perform.

In three weeks I lost 15 pounds. My legs were cramping up as we had to transport almost all the garbage left behind by tenants at least a quarter-mile for every trip. They were evicting many people! It was and still is awful. The last time I dropped by the building they had two older couples working like slaves for less money then what I was getting. The money I was offered was okay but the apartment itself was better. I was ready to put in my 55- 60 hours or so a week but they wanted /expected 84!

What good is a two bedroom if one does not have time to enjoy it. –

It worked. Having problems with my computer, keeps skipping back or sideways to other places. Keep loosing things.

After getting fired I did not find another employ for another four or five months, again part-time at the same hardware store as before. I had lost or was out about $7,000. I had no legal recourse except to hire a lawyer for over three thousand dollars in order to get a few pennies.

I had told her to her face and she was not too happy “I am your employee, not your slave”. I’ve heard that upper caste Indian people are horrible, now I know! I wonder how she treats her nanny! 

This is the state of building maintenance in Ontario. Hire desperate down and out foreigners who will work for less than $4.oo per hour! Owners may be multi-millionaires and getting wealthier while they treat their employees like slaves.


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A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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