No Nude Pre Teen Models (nn pre teen)

Today for the first time I connected with sites that show pictures of pre-teens girls. These are legal sites that have a  “no nudity” clause or mandate. This makes them legal.  While they do follow that statement or legal policy, of not showing any of the young girls breasts or “kitten” what we find on these, related and linked sites, is immoral to put it mildly.

As I do enjoy to see and want to photograph girls and ladies of all ages myself I find that many of the published pictures, available for all ages to see should be taken out or banned.

We see girls as young as seven in the process of undressing, masturbating, and posing in sexual positions, all more in line with the adult porno industry doings.

We see uncomfortable hurting girls with eyes and faces that are crying for help. They not wanting to be there, but they did not (do not) have a choice.

They wear the skimpiest outfits possible, just like some popular adult music stars and porn performers. What is awful is that they allow these sites to publish these very young children with their legs spread as wide as possible while having only underwear or bathing suits on while laying down on beds and sofas or bending over.  Some of them we can even notice the little “camel toes” and sprouting nipples/breast. This is child pornography!

While some of these sites may follow the rules of decency, they are all linked to others that go further. The pre teens sites are linked to teen sites where 18 and 19 year-olds are somewhat more legal. There they start to show breasts. The small/petite girls are most likely of “legal” age but have their faces computer altered to make them look much younger. Petite body with altered face, we then in our mind see naked pre teens.

As my search started with the words “pre teen” it soon turned out that a good portion of them were younger than that age group.  Twelve to fourteen soon went to ages as low as seven and eight.  

Of course they are all very beautiful girls with smiles and faces that makes men (and some boys) hearts melt. I have yet to see an “ugly” girl. It is the faces that I am talking about!

As for the bodies it is nice or even educational to see the different development stages of the ages involved. Once we get to the “teen picture sites”, they there now have porn videos (teens with other teens or older men and woman (animals) in various sexual acts) and notice very young girls with very womanly hips (way before their time).

As for myself still having the wish and desire to take photographs of 1,000 young girls from ages nine to thirteen, in all stages of dress and undress, for a period of ten years (until they are 19 to 23) my intent is not to publish them. The girls when legally old enough will have the option to publish any of the taken pictures. The profits, if any, will be used/spent at their discretion.

As I hope that something will be done about the “questionable pictures”, a good portion of the decent ones should or could be kept.

No, in case you are wondering, none of these were even close to a sexual turn on for me. I have not kept any in my mind for me to fantasize about. The hurting eyes were more prominent!

This bitch of my life goes on. Still alone, no followers, friends, students or lover (female). Always on the look out for a room-mate. Maybe I should treat myself to a pro!   

Males seem to always be available but no thank you, not interested.


Update May 29, 2012

Checking the same routes to find no-nude Pre-Teens on the three search engines I use, Rogers Yahoo, MSN, and, Google I now do not find any or very few inappropriate pictures  of very young girls.

They have taken out the smut.

I do not know whether it was this article above (my comments) that helped or it was going in that direction anyway.

Many of the things I’ve written in the past have come back. Maybe I am helping shape our future or the future of the planet.

Funny, of all the successes that my writings may have influenced positively, I still have a hard time meeting even one girl/lady/woman to be with or love. Over nine years since I’ve even kissed anyone let alone touch their waist, backs, legs, breast or caressed their faces. No, sorry not interested in boys/men.

Two things on my mind; “Toronto Racoons” and “Bucket list”.

Take care children.

About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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