Other posts/site. (Dec. 3rd, 2011)

There is still somewhere out there on the Internet more of my blogs.

They are the former “Project 10 Billion” so-called web site WordPress blogs. Not too many of them but I still get replies/comments from them. Mostly from scammers or from people who are trying to sell me their services/wares/products/sites.  Porn sites and software pushers are plentiful.

Here I will try to set the link again http://www.project10billion.com/blogs/?page_id=493

This time it seemed to have worked.

Someday someone in the media on this planet will spill my beans. That is okay I have nothing to fear. The truths about ourselves will one day set us all free or end it forever.

I know what I like, desire, wish for, and want!

It is obvious that the majority of people are not happy with how we (Mankind) have evolved. How material possessions and wealth seems to be our only measuring or most important indicator of success and happiness.

 On the Agenda (TVO) earlier this week they (formally educated people and Steve Pakin) talked about how we measure happiness. I have brought this up in my blogs before! It has become quite evident that our political and Government systems of operation is not working to make “people happy” yet that is how success is constantly measured.

What good is having clean water, plenty of fresh food supply, shelter while knowing that others are dying because of it?

Businesses and Governments encourage consumption in order for the “economies” to thrive. Consumption pollutes! It is a temporary fix and is used as an  indicator of  how happy we  the developed advanced modern world inhabitants are.

I’ve written on Twitter that I am responsible for the economic meltdowns, the turn-overs in the Middle-East and even the “Occupy” movement. For those who have been following my writings, they know how I tried to influence (create) these events over 11 years of blogging.

With nothing in print and most of my writings not available to anyone it is hard for me to prove such statements. I have saved most of my words and much more yet they are today not exposed or printed. It is unfortunate that the major link or body of work “DefinitionCircle” blogs are lost. MSN deleted them a few years back. I was using a or the “MSN groups discussion site” as my blogging space. I was using four Hotmail addresses to input my thoughts/words/rants/ideas and plans/solutions for the whole planet. Much was lost when I did not input for over 30 days. I was busy inputting on my “epqjournals” and “MayorMeToronto” on other similar MSN discussion sites.

Anyway another year-end soon. No females of any age in my life yet. Males I am not interested.




About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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