Kilts (2011)

Again, another article about the lengths of “Kilts” worn by high school students here in Toronto. Of course it is the same old debate that keeps popping up ever since the mini-skirt has appeared on our fashion scene.

The particular article this time was found in the Toronto Star (on-line) as well as in print in the Metro ( a freebie print).

Along with the article a picture of two young ladies with way too high kilts were shown. These two were not what one may call the athletic or model types. They were both slightly over-weight. Their big thick legs really stood out.–rising-hemlines-threaten-to-kill-the-kilt-in-durham

I tried put in my two cents worth in the comments section but it was not published. I was being honest. After reading much of what most others wrote on the topic I see that we all had close to the same feelings.

Most of the men agreed that very short kilts (and skirts and dresses) look great on girls/ladies/women. We all love to see what they look like in the raw. Yes, that word is crude, sorry!

My preference of course are those that look healthy and/or athletic rather than over-sized or over-weight. Those two girls in the picture as per my lifetime of seduction and indoctrination by the medias were not tens, nines, or even eights on my scale of beauty. They looked unfit, un-athletic, or not very active with their bodies.

It may be one of the reasons why these two wear the lengths they do, to get noticed by the boys. If they are not “attractive” then showing of more skin may change the way others look at them. Make up for other shortfalls. Yes, this makes me feel “shallow” but are we not most of us that way in some aspects or other in how we see and judge people around us?

Skin sells at all ages!

They may be the nicest girls around in character or in some other ways but I was not attracted to them. The only reason why I would look twice at them would be their legs.

My unpublished comments on the Star went something like this. If one can see the colour of their underwear when walking up some steps behind a girl in a kilt then it is too short! This happens in shopping malls and subway stations after school. We find ourselves almost face to face with a young girls exposed backside. I like most men do not mind at all.

My animal in me loves very short skirts, kilts and dresses. The developing ones are the best in my books.

My humane side knows that decency lines somewhere should be drawn. One must consider age, temperature, body shape, venue, and other apparel worn. 

I hope that one day all of my epqgirls will own a kilt (mini-skirt, summer dress, tunic) of some sort for photographic reasons and of course to be seen with by my side or when they have their epqcounters.

I’ve written this before (my animal); short dresses, summer dresses, kilts, skirts, and lose baggy shorts gives men easy access to mans favorite play and conquering grounds.

Out of time… work soon.


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