Three plane crashes in Scarborough.

Had a weird dream last night or this morning. Thought I would write it down before it is forgotten forever.

I was on some kind of public transport with many young students. I had pulled the cord indicating to the driver that my stop was next but he did not stop. This was the Carlton & Parliament corner close to my childhood abode. He did not stop.

Somehow I stayed on until it reached the end of the line. Somewhere east of Cabbagetown. Way out in Scarborough as a matter of fact.

Somewhere between the time of my missed stop and the return trip I had an exciting moment with a young lady/girl/student. We somehow had locked lips and she enjoyed it so much that she remained in that position as we continued to kiss and neck. I do not recall whether I was living in a past state of youth or my present age. Either way she had enjoyed locking lips and did so for a little while longer.

The bus or streetcar going eastbound had a roof like others we normally have and see but for the return trip it had none. Like a convertible it was. Open to the fresh air, sunlight and wind.

We were on a secondary road or a four lane but the sights view from my seat were more like from the highway (401) heading westbound. As I was looking north I saw at about 3 kilometer distance a plane come down and crash. There were many buildings between so it was more the explosion of the impact that I noticed and at the same time screamed and pointed out to the other passengers of the incident. “A plane crashed, look!”

Within another three to five minutes I see another plane come down, again north of us, a little closer to us then the first. That was surprising to me as I have never seen one, let alone two planes crash-land, within my sight in my life.

Another 5 kilometers or minutes later I see another plane rash land even closer to our bus. Many others this time saw it. Not close enough to hit us or anything but we can see that it had hit a shopping mall nearby. I saw the neon lights/signs like most have. It was during the day and very sunny and clear.  Many explosions followed. Many deaths as well I am certain.

Wow, three plane crashes within half hour of each other! I wonder if that has any significance. I rarely dream of death or disasters.

At the end loop or before and during that spat, the bus had or was actually driving through homes/houses and even down a flight of stair. We all had to disembark and be picked up again. That is when it had lost its roof.

The bus had dropped me off right at the corner of the streets of the house I grew up in. Corner of Sackville Place and Sackville St.  What service!


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