Dream Fantasy of a King to be!

My dreams and or fantasies often change. At times they last but a week while at other times many months.

This past month is one that comes and goes often with minor or major changes. It is the seduction of Changelings. People have different ways of putting themselves to sleep.  Some read, listen to music, drink warm milk, sleeping pill, exercise, make love (for the lucky) and others with no partners make do with self-satisfaction. masturbation, or, choking the chicken and so forth with many other different names. Of course females do not choke the chicken! Some use toys…

Like many a teenager I myself still find myself doing this on a regular almost daily basis. No, no Cialis or Viagra needed. All natural energy/impulse.

These past couple of weeks while shafting I pretend, fantasize, imagine that I am seducing many (one at a time) Changelings every night. They would be in their bed sleeping and at the same time wake up in my bedroom with me. We would take a shower together then enjoy ourselves (each others body, mind, and, heart)) for a couple of hours. I would introduce them to my writings, ideas, plans and, Vision as well.

Even in these “dreams” there is no force or drugs used. Of course all verbal resistance from their conscious and sub-conscious would be spat out, heard but I would easily convince her/them to see/understand things differently. The first meetings would have more resistance. Being so young even in these fantasy/dream moments I do not end up de-flowering them.

These girls all live nearby and will eventually during our meetings tell me all of their secrets, fantasies, wishes, desires, and so forth. I will be able to unlock any suppressed memories and secrets they have never shared with anyone else. I would know if anyone has done them wrong in the past or doing so in the present. I would then take proper action! 

These encounters would last about two hours where they would then go back to their sleeping body. For me it would be the real thing as they would physically be there!  After the first one is finished or gone back to reality, another one shows up, then another. Three or four per night.

This would go on for about a month which means about 100 girls total. After all of the 100 different girls have had one turn, the next month will have me go through those 100 again. We would do this for four or five month where upon by the time has passed they would sub and un consciously know and love me. After their third or fourth encounter they would be researching my sites, works, writings, and finding my where about.

They would with every session start to remember more and more about their dreams so that when they finally meet or see me in person during the day for the first time they would instantly recognise adore/want/love me.  With every encounter they would want, desire, and need me more and more. They would by then know what I taste, look, and smell like all from their dream encounters. My face or age would not turn them off or repel them in any way.

I would become the object of their desire, fantasy, reason/purpose for living. They would know of my Project10Billion and epqanna and without hesitation become one of my partners in helping all life on this planet.

They would also all know that there would also be many other girls but none would care.

If any were “broken” during our/the night-time visits, they would not be in real life but would know how the associated pain and pleasures would be. They would have lived the experiences as they would/will do in real life when their time comes. Either be with me (doubtfully) or with whoever when it happens.

I have no love, money, or, employ so please let me enjoy my fantasies/dreams!


p.s. How could I get my writings to the worlds Changelings? Help me.

-March 1st 2011

-That night after writing that above I thought about changes that should/could be made.

First of all as I am short on cash at the moment so I would reduce the number of Changelings so I can have the four or five visits in a month instead of four or five! On a week day night I can easily meet four girls while the weekend because many of them sleep in I could squeeze in five or six. Our meetings would then be every week, over the course of one month they would be ready for a live visit!

After one month 30 girls @ $50 per visit would bring in $1,500. Those first live visits would be during the day. Before, after school, or during the weekend. Of course I will have another 30 (the next batch)  starting at night as well! With that I could pay my rent, food on the table, put some pension money away,  and work on my works/publishing.

The second major change would be to have a “sleep mode epqcounter” during the first session. Like breaking them in slowly or habituating them to me and my body. The second hour depending on the mindset of the individual may involve some body, exploring,  play, and, tasting time. Again every one of them will be unable to hide their inner feelings. In these dream states/encounters they will not be able to lie.  What one has to remember is that I will ensure that my partners will know that I’ll be expecting answers coming from their body, mind and heart!

Bodies in the developing stage are naturally curious just as is the mind. The heart is where the conflict appears. The heart is influenced by the seductions, teachings, culture, religion, and, indoctrination of the people and environments that surround them. The minds and bodies are always curious of/for new things!

With $1,500 per month coming in and help with my “Project 10 Billion” we would in no time be able to publish a or a few monthly magazine(s). We would have them geared to various groups of people. One for the nine to thirteen years old, one for the 14 to 17, one for the 18 to 22, then the adults. We can also have some for men or women only! One for the world political savvy people? One for the jocks, sci-fi., calendars.. All having pictures and articles with special targets. All would be advance payment/subscriptions mailings as there will be no waste like many others are doing. We will print X paid copies + 1 for our museum only. We can keep them digitally as well in case more hard copies are ordered!

After 1,000 partners are found there will be no more need of night-time visits. As every girl will visit twice a year I will no longer have to worry about my retirement or putting food on the table.

“Lemmy” from the rock band “Motorhead” is said to have had 1,000 sex partners! That I just read in the “Toronto Sun” entertainment news (March 1st, 2011). They have a picture of him with a cigarette in his mouth. Are all of his sex partners smokers? Gross. Not fair, just because he can play guitar, has money, and possibly sing he gets to have many sex partners!

I want to make love, not have sex! Love the mind, heart and body!

As to the girls I fantasize about, they are not real. At times I dream/fantasize about one that I’ve seen or met (very few recently) but most of the times I see flashes of different body types, weight, shapes, levels of (breast, nipple, face, torso, leg, hip, butt, kitten, hair growth) development, and colours/shades (from blonds to dark brown) with different faces,  expressions, voices, responses and answers.

I still visit XNXX every now and then. Bored as I am not working! Plug in “compilation” by itself and one gets a compilation of cumshots and/or blow jobs. A great one is compilation of masturbation. Watching girls/ladies/women do that is great/fun/exciting to see.  Grew up most of my life thinking that men were the only ones that did this. How wrong could one be. Along with my regular photography of the Changelings I would like for my private viewing collection film Changelings masturbating. Of course with only the ones that feel comfortable doing so. As for cumshots compilations with Changelings well that would be illegal! That would/could make hundreds of millions of dollars on the white, grey and black markets though! It is done anyway with many Changelings on this planet. Many willingly while others unfortunately forced. At least I know that I would not be trying to force a transport truck inside a single car garage!

Only with the willing!

No, Changelings you do not have to sleep with me to be my partner to help save the planet from Man_Unkind, but we know it would be healthy/great/fun!

About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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