Shuld buy an epqxpresso machine!


Quote "What better way to pollute, then to print!"

If I buy one of these machines then I would be able to print all that I have said, saying, and about to say about every that matters in life. To myself and others. Print book on demand; Time Machine, too!, epqjournals, 11 years of scribblings/notes/discussions, TIG spiffs,,, newsvine/tvoAgenda/torontostar/twitter, epqanna, NEO, DevelopHer, Captain & King of Planet Earth

Print French books as well, and Arabic and other languages. Then the owners give/trades them in at the new (standard sized book formats) library. I think that I’ve writen about this before. Never did anything. Still Procrastinating.

Well, Champlain fell just short of 50 years. Damn, all those lawyers, too wealthy & big investors that are making the money at every turn. Who owns the real estate the people or a few? What should it be?



Independent bookstores fight for survival – News – MSN CA
In the months leading up to its closure, customers would visit John Kress’ independent bookstore in Regina to sift through the thousands of titles, check out the cover art, read the synopses, and find books they wanted to read.

About epqanna, epqannaman, KingGDerome

A person who sees, cares, has, doable attainable, plans ideas Visions of a better world for all life. Global person ignored by the in power wealthy spoiled arrogant and at times ignorant and very controlling. Hiding behind their evolved words and ways. Words are mightier then the sword, only and if, they are echoed!
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