Helping the less fortunate.


Quote "War proves that Mankind has, not yet grown up." KingGDerome July 6th 2010

Maybe I should move to Iraq! Learn their language, meet many of those widows and younger available single ladies. I may be able to find 1,000 followers easier and faster. Mind you I may have written the same thing about all those young female orphans in some parts of Africa!

Problem with most languages is that they are directly linked to culture and very often religion. Along side those two we also have politics. My intent is to attack or more like question the validity of all three at the same time. That would make it almost impossible for me to succeed, just like here in North America.

The article mentions that many of the women or widows find themselves forced into prostitution because of the military wars the country has been involved in. Even without any military wars every where on this planet we still find that that trade exists!

It is the "Economic Wars" that causes prostitution more then the military ones.

If one compares the populations or people of Iraq and Canada we would see many similarities. Even though we have not endured any military wars causing us to find many widows we still have some similar/comparable scars. We have thousands of single mothers (some teenagers), thousands of divorced/seperated women, thousands of widows that have outlived their husbands, and thousands of others who work at mcjobs that does not pay enough to cover the essentials to obtain and/or sustain a healthy life.  I wrote "thousands" but it is most likely closer to tens or hundreds of thousands for each category.

Another comment was how the Government distributes its money/wealth to its people. As if the wealth (resources, igenuity & labour) this country (Canada) produces is shared evenly amongst all of its people!

When writing such articles one should also see and consider what goes on ones own side of the fence.

Does Craislist have an Iraq site? Advertise for "Any single 33 or younger year-old women/lady/girl willing to move to Canada. Good man available."

I wonder what I would do if I won a large lottery jackpot! My idea or intent for a while now goes like this. Keep two to three million dollars for myself and family. Give one million to all my relatives (divided evenly) and some to my few friends. The rest I would give away to a couple worthwhile charities, are there any? The problem with that is that these charities also have people on the payroll, friends linked to contracts and politicians that get kickbacks.

Would I not be better off if I kept it all to myself and move to a country that is in need! Like Iraq with their many available women or some countries in Africa or Haiti where poverty is profound.

If I stay here I would have thousands of scammers and gold diggers chasing me for my money. We do not call that prostitution here when someone chases another person who has wealth. We call and consider it normal. We have taught that since birth as how things are done. 

With million of dollars I really believe that I could buy 1,000 epqnuns almost anywhere on the planet. Am I wrong to think this way?

Dying is always a life option! Taking ones own life is not logical.

When reading this article through or with an "evolutionary perspective" one can only see ignorance combined with hypocracy on the part of the writer.

Time for a break.




Iraq’s one million war widows see little help – News – MSN CA
For the more than 100,000 women who lost their husbands in the U.S.-led invasion and violent aftermath, the struggling postwar government is of little help.

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